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Episode #50:

Finding Your Purpose

Renegades, I can’t believe we’ve made it to 50 episodes. The process to get here, well, it has felt a lot like what I…

Episode #49:

Wanting and Not Having

It’s easier to have affairs than not have affairs. Just like it’s easier to eat the food, binge watch the show, stream the porn,…

Episode #48:

La Petite Mort

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase la petite mort? It’s not uncommon to use this phrase after a really good orgasm, or…

Episode #47:

A Tale of Two Perspectives

Your thoughts have the same drama and conflict as a soap opera. Only you are the hero and the villain. You cast your friends,…

Episode #46:

A Reflection on Rejection

How many times have you put yourself out there, asked for a promotion, or asked for a number? Now, how many times have you…

Episode #45:

Bottom Up

When you look around your neighborhood, what do you see? I notice benches with metal armrests dividing the seats and pointy metal shards on…

Episode #42:

Great Expectations

I have a story for you all today and I want you to see if you can recognize yourself in it. We’re all guilty…

Episode #42:

Ghosts of Past Lovers

When we think back to past relationships, many of us remember the terrible memories. The resentment, pain, anger, and judgement. And when we keep…

Episode #41:

Neutralize Your Thinking

Over the last few weeks, I’ve asked you to take a look at your past relationships and who you’ve been in them. That of…