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Ep #17

2020 Controversy

I’m adopting an attitude of zero fucks given because for the longest time i’ve cared far too much about what everyone else was thinking. I lived the life doing what I was supposed to do… I’ve let it hold me back, but not anymore.

I’m going to use my voice. I’m going to share – I’m not going to let other people and their idea of controversy be my excuse to not be me. I’m willing to feel what it’s like to not be liked by everyone, or approved of…

I’m willing to be judged and lose followers.

What I’m not willing to do is use other people as a reason to not be me. To not use my voice.

I know one of you needs to hear you’re not alone; you’re not alone in your shame, the things you fear, or even your ideas or ambitions.

So with that, I’m going to talk about everything in 2020, my wins my losses. my goals -When I fall on my face… I’m not going to hide behind ‘what others may think’.

This year, I’m going to proudly talk about all the travel I plan on doing.

I’m going to talk about how big I want to make Modern Renegades. I might even throw around the numbers of dollars I want to make. I’m going to share with you more about my dating life and maybe gush about a new bag that I want… I’ll reference my affairs, my drinking, whatever the hell I feel inspired to, so you can see what’s possible. I’m going to continue to unravel and expose myself – and teach you the tools and concepts I’ve learned that have helped me along the way. ZERO SHAME.

ZERO self-judgement.

For some of you, this information won’t be new or relevant. But for others, it will be just the perspective you need.

I know the voice inside your head. I know the voices from people standing around listening, watching and waiting for you to fuck up so they have something to talk about. I know what it’s like to have everyone think you have it all figured out. You and I are the same. You’re the reason I’m here. I want you to know that it’s possible to overcome these blocks.

That CHANGE is possible.

That your past doesn’t need to define you. That you can let it go. That you don’t have to be this person forever. How freeing is that y’all?

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