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Ep #37

Catching Up with Sara Rodell

The pandemic has been a jarring experience for many of us. Some of you, myself included, have felt frozen, unable to make a decision. Others, like my guest today, were quick to see what needed to be done and start taking action. We’ve all had to pivot in some way during the pandemic, and this is especially true for small businesses.

Another way we’ve had to pivot is in our dating lives. There hasn’t been a lot of making out or hand-holding with people we’re just getting to know during lockdown. That has changed how many of us approach dating and for some, it has transformed what we want from dating and relationships.

This week I’m sharing an interview with my near and dear friend, dance partner and wing girl, Sara Rodell. This interview I had with Sara was done in early May so if it sounds like it isn’t current, well, that’s why. We were in the midst of quarantine, Sara was telling me about a pandemic pivot she was making, and we were also talking about dating. Even though many of us are slowly leaving lockdown now, so much of this conversation is still relevant, insightful, and inspiring. Tune in, turn on, and enjoy.

What You Will Discover:

  • How the pandemic has shifted how we connect and value others.
  • Why Sara has been such an inspiration to me during this time.
  • The pandemic pivot Sara made that had a real impact on COVID patients.
  • The benefits of sitting in silence and listening to the birds.
  • How our dating lives have shifted and what it’s been like to date during COVID.
  • Why it takes courage to have vulnerable moments in dating.

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