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Ep #16

Cheers to Having a Choice

Today I want to make a toast to 2019!

And do you know why? Cause y’all can’t stopping bagging on it!

But instead of talking about my year and experiences and why I’m choosing to see the good, I want to refer to Dr Edith Eva Eger.

In her book, The Choice, she documents her time before during and after Auschwitz- the mindset she chose to have to survive each day in the holocaust and how her relationship with parents and siblings, her first love and her husband, children, herself were all defined by this horrific year.

and the reason why I feel so compelled to share some quotes and insights from her book is because I think all too often, we forget we have a choice.

A choice to look at our life, its circumstances, and know that even though we can’t always control what’s happening around us, we can control how we think about it.

And you may be thinking I’m using a holocaust survivors story to tell you that if she could survive the holocaust you can survive 2019, but that’s not why…

Dr Eger shares her story not only on how she survived that year, but the denial that followed, the trauma that she stored in her mind and body and how she took it out on those around her.

How she felt that her childhood was taken from her, that it was too late for her to go to college in her 40’s and that it was her husband’s fault she was so miserable… all the beliefs she had and then compassion. So much compassion and forgiveness…

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