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DRC Pilot

It’s official – the Pilot Episode of Dressing Room Confessions is officially live and I couldn’t be more fucking pumped to have it out there.

You’re wondering what Dressing Room confessions is all about? here’s a bit of the skinny- for the last 10 years I’ve owned and operated a women’s bra fitting / lingerie store called, Teddies for Bettys, in Austin, Texas. It will come as no surprise to you that I’ve spent most of the 10 years – you guessed it, in the dressing rooms. with women. listening to them reveal their most intimate secrets about their lives; from parenting, relationships, losses, sexual experiences, health concerns, drug and alcohol use, body image perceptions – you name it and how they’ve navigated their way through all of it.

I learned quickly that what was being revealed to me, wasn’t even being revealed to the people closest to them; be it out of embarrassment, shame, or fear of being judged and rejected… 

Imagine the sense of relief when you realize you are not alone in your experiences. The relief of knowing that we all go through life and it’s struggles. That life, well, it’s pretty textbook and no experience is unique. Which if you ask me- is the part worth celebrating. okay, but If you asked my therapist, he’d tell you I was insulted when he told me my problems were textbook. I couldn’t imagine that anyone had ever been through what I had… or that they could feel the way I do… I honestly had to question his credentials and our client patient relationship until he broke it down. 

And so I’ve learned, we aren’t alone. 

and By sharing our experiences/ stories, we can connect, heal and move on. 

Now that my friends, is a fucking relief. 

Which is WHY we are here! Each week I will be sharing confessions from my life and yours. there will be interviews, stories read, there will be voices heard. I want to hear your confessions- both tragic and hilarious- the ones you swear no one will understand – the ones you are convinced shaped you for better or worse- I’ll be like a high priestess listening. sacred style. and our listeners will vow to hold space, not judge but imagine what that might be like. What do you think? You ready to confess?

Let’s do it…

Enjoy the Show?

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