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Embracing the Awakening with Gustavo Padron

Ep #30

Embracing the Awakening with Gustavo Padron

I’ve been feeling hesitant to share any pre-recorded episodes on the podcast because our experiences have been changed so drastically by George Floyd’s death and the BLM movement. But I think this interview I did with my friend, Gustavo Padron, is still really applicable to this time. We talk about his experience as a gay person of color as well as how he’s embracing the awakening we’ve all been going through recently.

Before the pandemic, how often did you hold space for yourself? How often did you consider the privilege you’ve been born with? For many of us, myself included, the events of the past few months have forced us to wake up to reality and start acting on our intentions. Speaking up can be uncomfortable, whether it’s coming out to your family or deciding to be openly anti-racist. But it’s so important.

In today’s episode, Gustavo and I discuss how the pandemic has made us pivot our lives. We share our favorite rituals for self-care, Gustavo’s experience of coming out, and both of our experiences with body image. We also talk about how social media has made us more aware of racial injustices and how we’re trying to learn and unlearn. Gustavo’s energy is so calming and beautiful, I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation.

What You Will Discover:

  • How the pandemic forced Gustavo to hit pause and take a step back.
  • What being shocked by George Floyd’s death says about our privilege.
  • Why we’re often too ashamed to speak up and how to change that.
  • How Gustavo is “keeping it cute” during this time.
  • The rituals and routines that make us feel safe and held.
  • Our experiences with body shame and how to neutralize those thoughts.

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