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Labels, Identity, and the Gender Spectrum with Faith | House of Other

Ep #1

Labels, Identity, and the Gender Spectrum with Faith

As your child navigates a new identity, there are many new experiences that you face as a parent. Our brains are programmed to think in binary ways, and we instinctually want to put things in boxes. But we aren’t meant to be put in boxes.

Today I am joined by my child Faith and resident youthsplainer Lauren, and I am getting schooled. This episode is a calling in. You might hear me be corrected, which is great because I don’t know all of the information, but I am willing to learn. So instead of being called out, I’m leaning in.

In this episode, we’re talking about labels, identity, sexual preferences, and the gender spectrum as a whole. The identities we discuss have existed for thousands of years, but there wasn’t the terminology or space in society to acknowledge and understand them, so Faith and Lauren share their advice to parents about their children’s gender identity, coming out, and sexual preferences.

What You Will Discover:

  • The problem with denying people their true identity.
  • Why having appropriate terminology helps people come out.
  • Faith’s experience of coming out as non-binary.
  • Why labels can sometimes be a good thing.
  • How the term “Queer” can define identity and sexual preferences.
  • The reasons people may not have come out until now.
  • Why even if this is “just a phase” that is OK.

Resources Mentioned:

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