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Manifesting Good Feelings

Ep #33

Manifesting Good Feelings

If you’re like me, you can get a little too comfortable in your down feelings. I’ve been practicing holding space for myself lately and working on allowing the low vibes instead of trying to resist them. But, I’ve noticed that there’s a difference between processing and allowing those feelings and swimming in them.

Thought work is so important for manifesting the way you want to feel. As hot and heavy as I can get with low feelings, I know it feels so much better to experience higher vibrations. Through a blend of future focus and manifestation, I’ve found that I can create the experience of the emotions I want to have. If you’re unfamiliar with these concepts, this episode will guide you through both.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing how I manifest good feelings and create the results I want in my life. It’s not about resisting down feelings, but about focusing on how you want to feel in the future like it’s happening right now. Both manifestation and meditation can bring something that doesn’t yet exist into existence, and thought work keeps you aware and in the present. I share the exact ways I use manifestation, meditation, and thought work to create a better future for myself so you can too.

If you’ve been feeling all the delicious low feelings like I have lately, what are you waiting for? Let’s manifest some good vibes.

What You Will Discover:

  • How to know if you’re processing or swimming in your low vibes.
  • Why the familiar feelings of sadness can be comforting.
  • How thought work keeps you actively engaged in the present.
  • What manifestation is and how it helps you create new storylines.
  • How to start utilizing your imagination in a positive way.
  • The power of practicing thought work and manifestation for 16 seconds every day.

Resources Mentioned:

Enjoy the Show?

I've been doing all the podcasts about feeling into those low vibe emotions and how to allow them rather than avoiding or resisting. From guilt and grief to anger and anxiety. And as a person who practices thought work, I admitted that I am not in state to force or manufacture happy positivity thinking right now.

It doesn't feel authentic to my experience. And there is nothing wrong with that. To hold space for yourself to feel what it is your feeling and to be curious about the thoughts causing these feelings.

However, I sometimes feel self indulgent spending too much time thinking about why I'm feeling what I'm feeling.

It's an okay, now you see your pain. You understand the thought causing it. Are you processing it or swimming in it?
Sometimes we humans can get a little comfortable in our down feelings, we feel comforted by the familiar feeling of sad. I personally have to be mindful not to get stuck here. I can get hot and heavy with doom and gloom, dark and devastated. We'll get all boo'ed up, Like lovers no one knows about. I'll hide away in my room for days snuggling them. Giving them all my attention. Finding all our favorite snacks and movies. It's down right delicious. Until it's not.

This is why I love thought work, Renegades. It keeps you actively engaged and present. It keeps you accountable. I don't lose myself to life circumstances the same way I used to.

I think we've all had our work cut out for us this year, though. As humans who do 'the work' we are facing obstacles be it external and internal and witnessing our brains react and respond in a way we never have. What used to work to overcome adversity, to motivate you to keep showing up, may not have the same allure.

Especially when it comes to thinking about the future.

NO one knows what the fuck is happening in the world and can't seem to think past next week.

Literally, you myself- most everyone can't say if our kids are going to college this fall. Attending high school. I had thought about leaving Austin once my kids graduated high school and went off to college. Making travel plans? We don't even know if we can leave our houses let alone if places will be open. People don't know what they will be doing for work. If they can date. Everyone I talk to has basically stopped in their tracks. Even those with work are suspicious.

In the past, I've relied on a concept called future focus to help me stay on track with plans goals what have you. You can listen to episode 18 called Future Focus + Feeling, but in short, When we decide to set goals or plan for the future, our brain will present with us a plethora of reasons why we can or can't, should or shouldn't and it's usually all based on our past experiences and accomplishments. This often limits our potential and growth. Our brains are wired to seek pleasure, avoid discomfort and be efficient. Setting goals challenges that system. Using Future Focus and thought work you can overcome your greatest obstacle- your brain.

Right now, trying to think about the future and make plans is like trying to shift gears and things are changing in a way I've not experienced before- I don't know if I need to down shift or speed up and it's making all those noises and the car is jerking around and close to stalling out… It's forcing me to stay present in the now
and not in some unforeseen, make believe future.

When I approach decision making from this mindset, it eliminates any himming and hawing. There is no brain fatigue to be had. Maybe I'll do this.. Maybe I'll do that. Spending brain energy and time going back and forth.

It's more like, here's where you are and what've you've got- what are you going to do?

It's all math and no drama.

There is no wrong answer. There is no I fucked up. It's, things are changing and I'm making decisions based on the information I have in front of me- and that could change. And that's okay. I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be.

Maybe this is cruise control?

there is only one speed, get into it and settle into the ride. Pay attention to the road. Take in the scenery. The only thing you need to know is you are moving forward and where you're going is the state of exactly where you are supposed to be for your greatest good. You will arrive right on time.

I'm staying present rather than forcing plays. I'm being mindful to remain optimistic. Annnnd to stay actively engaged in forward movement, I'm practicing manifestation.

Rather than choosing to use future focus where I hone in on a result or destination and work towards it, I'm simply deciding how I want to feel in my future - peaceful, in love, content, secure - and feeling it now. In real time.

You've all heard of Manifestation - the act or process of becoming manifest. The embodiment of an intangible, or variable thing. As in bringing something that doesn't exist into existence.

What you think, you create. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. If you aren't paying attention to what you are thinking, you are subconsciously creating from default.

This is why I'm offering we combine manifestation WITH thought work. Thought work keeps you aware, conscious to your story lines and behaviors - you can be purposeful with your thinking. You can honor your feelings while actively generating new thoughts and feelings.

You can think on purpose and create new behaviors and story lines. And stay out of old ones that don't serve you.

Manifestation gets you out of your head and into your heart. You can stop thinking and just focus on feeling without an attachment to outcomes or results. You can ditch the stories. The narrator. The ego. You can just feel into.
This work brings me closer to home. To my source.

With manifestation it can be as simple as if it feels good, focus on that. If it doesn't feel good, don't.

In my episode, just my imagination, I talked about how I'd been using my imagination to create worry, problems and stress.
My therapist once told me that if we ever needed anyone to find all the things that could possibly go wrong with walking out the front door that person was me.
This is a skill, I'm proud to say, I've mastered. He never suggested that I could use my imagination for the opposite. Isn't that rude. It took me 3 more years of suspenseful soap opera reality style thinking to figure it out on my own.

It is said that imagination is one of the humans most advanced faculties.

When you are imagining an experience your brain doesn't know its not real. You see the images and feel all the feels you associate to what you are thinking- visualizing -imagining and create the experience with your mind.

We want to Start utilizing your imagination in a positive way because you are manifesting your reality.

We have this tool that gives us the ability to create images in our mind- to create from. Use this to start manifesting your future.

Imagining a better future for yourself, setting goals - dreaming is a spiritual practice. You dream up an idea or see yourself doing or being a way you've never been. YOU imagine things differently than they are. You evolve.

Wayner Dyer teaches a mediation on manifestation and rather than visualizing or using images you use sound to access your source and create the life you want. Not only is it easy, it's very relaxing. It gives your brain a break. Settles your nervous system. There is a morning meditation and an evening one. 20 minutes each.

He teaches that sounds have power. That we can use it to bring together our analytical left brain that needs constant explanation with our heart space that is intuitive and operates on feeling.

For your morning mediation visualize your future and something you want- go there. And then ask yourself, how does it feel when I have that? See yourself with it. What is going on in your mind? How does it feel in your body? Describe the sensation. Now grab that feeling and get rid of the thing and images.
If you can't go to the future, ask yourself how you want to feel. Now ask yourself, when did I feel this way before? What happened that caused the feeling? See yourself in that moment and narrate the emotional response - grab that feeling and get rid of the images and story.

The reason you want to use the sound ah, is because ah is the the sound and vibration of the creation. If you look up all the different names of creators God, Buddha, Allha Yahway there are more than 30 and they all have one thing in common- the sound of ah.
You are tapping into creation.

Find yourself in a quiet seated spot and take a few cleansing breaths. Bring your attention to your root center, your pelvic base and pull your breath up through the channel up through all your energy centers, also known as chakras - this air cleanses them- and breathe it out through your mouth while making an AAAAAhhhh sound. Imagine the feeling you want and as you aaahhhhh see it exiting your third eye.

You'll know you have the right feeling in mind if you feel turned on. I'm serious. I was practicing this mediation earlier today and was choosing my feelings and trying to embody them. I couldn't. It felt dull. I thought, that's weird. Imagine deeper and it was as if the line had no power. I wasn't feeling any sensation.

I asked myself, what would excite you right now? What personal possibilities turn you on - and BAM. I felt my body light up. I pictured myself in this possibility - described the feeling I was experiencing in my body and removed all images and outcomes. I just sat there breathing this energy up my channel and ah -ed it out my mouth. I was buzzing afterwards, Renegades. I tapped into it.

Your evening mediation is the same but instead of ah you say om which is the universal sound of gratitude. To be in the practice of gratitude for all that you already have keeps you in an abundant state of mind.

If you're not ready for all the ahh's and omms' get your brain to start mulling this over and actually - yes order Lynn Grabhorns book, Your Life Is Waiting For You.
She's sassy and bossy and I love it. She says;

The recipe for creating anything is really quite simple. Take good or bad feelings (meaning positive or negative vibrations), bake with varying degrees of emotion to increase magnetism, and here comes what we've attracted, like it or not. What we have focused on, and how we have vibrated about it, is what we have gotten... from birth.

She also says If you can give pure focused thought for 16 seconds on what it is you want, you will raise your energetic frequency to vibrate on the same frequency of whatever it is you have been thinking about.
Quote: "Whatever you include in your vibration for sixteen seconds or longer is on its way to you, whether you like it or not. So when you're talking about all the things you don't want, and flowing out only sixteen seconds of feeling each time you talk about one of them, that thing has now become a part of you, part of your everyday vibration. Pretty soon you're living it . . . not liking it at all . . . vibrating it . . . talking about it . . . complaining about it . . . stewing over it . . . and making it an even stronger match to your daily vibration than it was in the first place. You are vibrating with the very thing you do not want."

Practice thinking about how you desire to feel each day Renegades and give it pure focus for 16. We all have 16 seconds. That's all it takes to raise your vibration and frequency. That's my kind of quickie.

What are you waiting for? Go manifest yourself some good vibes, Renegades.

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