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Modern Renegades with Ashley Kelsch | Be Your Own Best Date

Ep #85

Be Your Own Best Date

I was recently having dinner with my buddy and we were talking about love, dating, and relationships. He told me that he wants me to find The One and have that person in my life. It really got me thinking.

I’m in no rush to meet The One because even when I’m not with someone, I’m fulfilling all my needs. Nobody treats me better on a date than I do, so why do so many people date and look for The One in an attempt to complete themselves, and feel seen, loved, and worthy?

In this episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on dating and showing you the importance of being your own best date before attempting to find a partner. The One will come when it’s time and not a minute sooner, so I’m showing you how to listen to your inner wisdom and strengthen your inner sense of self and the liberation available to you when you trust and surrender to this process.

What You Will Discover:

  • Why you don’t have to date solely with the purpose of looking for The One.
  • The importance of knowing yourself intimately before you meet someone else.
  • A personal anecdote about why I didn’t use to date casually.
  • Some rules I’m ditching when it comes to dating.
  • How my attitude towards dating has changed over the years.
  • Why my sense of self has never felt stronger than right now.

Resources Mentioned:

  • I’m taking tune in and turn on to another level, and I want to invite you to join me on the journey. I have created a space called the House of Other, it’s an unedited guide to finding pleasure. You’ll find my ratings, reviews, experiences, opinions and recommendations on all things I’m indulging in, as well as conversations and essays addressing all things cliteracy. Come on over and subscribe to join me on the journey, I’ll see you there.
  • A Conversation With Faith
  • Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being by Christiane Northrup M.D.
  • Clarity Is Not Cruelty with Dr. Alexandra Solomon
  • If you’re enjoying the tools and concepts I’m sharing each week about your brain on dating, you won’t want to miss out on working with me one-on-one. I’ve just launched my program, Wake Up Before Another Breakup, where in just 8 weeks, you won’t question if you can trust yourself to date or why you can’t find the one. Click here to learn more about it and how you can work with me.

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