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Episode #71:

Dating on Autopilot

Let me ask you, Renegades, what do you want from a relationship? Do you even know? Some people aren’t willing to admit that they…

Episode #69:

Is That So?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how the brain will take in information based on what it sees or hears, and make…

Episode #68:

New Beginnings

Do you ever notice what happens in your brain when someone decides to break it off with you? Our brains try to convince us…

Episode #67:

What’s the Rush?

Renegades, has it ever occurred to you that meeting someone doesn’t have to be this super-charged, emotional experience? That when you aren’t feeling all…

Episode #66:

A New Idea

When it comes to dating, most women I know never ask for what they want, but they expect this uncommunicated desire to be met…

Episode #65:

Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

As women, we’re taught that we must take care of others first and put ourselves last. We’re used to sacrificing ourselves and our pleasure…

Episode #64:

Trauma is Trauma

Imagine if you will Renegades, a completely modern city, typically bustling with hundreds of thousands of people, frozen over and in the dark. This…

Episode #63:

The Greatest Act of Love

We live in a culture hellbent on challenging ourselves, in our workouts and our wellness. If we want to be satisfied, we’re taught to…

Episode #62:

My Valentine to You

So, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I have had the unique position of seeing all the different ways people respond to this day. It…