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Episode #38:

Addicted to Love

How often do you find yourself replaying old flings in your head, romanticizing the pain they caused? I used to do this all the…

Episode #37:

Catching Up with Sara Rodell

The pandemic has been a jarring experience for many of us. Some of you, myself included, have felt frozen, unable to make a decision….

Episode #36:

Your Legacy of Thinking

Since the pandemic hit, you’ve heard me air my emotional experience in real-time each week on the podcast. I’m glad I did this because…

Episode #35:

Boundaries Part Deux B.I.G.

Last week, I shared why setting boundaries is so important and why doing so is actually an act of self-love. This week in Part…

Episode #33:

Manifesting Good Feelings

If you’re like me, you can get a little too comfortable in your down feelings. I’ve been practicing holding space for myself lately and…

Episode #32:

Got Anxiety

I’ve been having trouble quieting my brain lately. It’s like the volume in my head is so loud that I can’t hear myself thinking….

Episode #29:

Thought Work for White People

Hey Renegades. I took some time since the last episode to really think about my contribution to the racial injustices happening around the world….