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House of Other with Ashley Kelsch | Using Plant Medicine to Reclaim Your Story with Olivia Young

Ep #7

Using Plant Medicine to Reclaim Your Story with Olivia Young

WARNING: This episode contains triggering and emotionally activating content.

This month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we’re bringing on some voices who are sharing their first-hand experiences of being a survivor and how they’re using their voices to address and amplify how pervasive sexual assault is. We’re back this week with another survivor of sexual assault, wellness entrepreneur Olivia Young.

Olivia Young felt like she was living much of her life on autopilot and that her life never truly felt like her own. After spending her life trying to heal herself, she began to use plant medicine to uncover a series of stored memories about the assaults she experienced throughout her life. She’s here this week to share the disassociation she experienced and her journey of healing and learning to trust her body.

Listen in this week as Olivia shares her journey of using plant medicine to reconnect with her disassociated body and reclaim her story while discovering herself in real-time. Hear her experience of healing her relationship with herself and her body, how her relationships with her family and friends have changed since doing this work, and her advice to people feeling stuck and frozen after experiencing assault.

What You Will Discover:

  • What disassociation is and the reason it happens.
  • The reason so many victims of assault don’t speak up about it.
  • How Olivia chose to do this work, understand it, and love herself through her darkest experiences.
  • Why the cycle of shame and silence only creates more pain.
  • How Olivia remembered a series of traumas that led to her disassociating from her body.
  • Why you are not your trauma.
  • How being able to feel is a privilege, and how to maximize it.

Resources Mentioned:

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