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House of Other with Ashley Kelsch | When Someone You Love Comes Out with Faith and Nick

Ep #2

When Someone You Love Comes Out with Faith and Nick

When a child, sibling, or somebody we care about comes out in some way, it is natural to have questions. And there are endless benefits to being curious and asking questions without making assumptions. Becoming more educated is a great thing, and gaining clarity is key.

This week, we’re piggybacking onto last week’s episode we had with Faith about their coming out as being non-binary and we are joined by my son, their brother – Nick – who will be sharing the thoughts and beliefs he held around this. Hear what it was like for Nick to have his sibling come out as non-binary from his perspective.

In this episode, Faith shares their coming out story and the reason they were apprehensive about coming out to their brother, and we discuss the experiences of people coming out and the consent you have to share this with others. We’re talking about the importance of pronouns and labeling, other people’s judgments, being an ally, and dealing with people’s reactions to coming out. You’ll also hear the live audio that Faith Christine recorded when they came out to their brother.

What You Will Discover:

  • A great question you can ask a person when they are coming out to you.
  • The importance of asking questions without making assumptions.
  • Why gender identity is separate from sexual preferences or romantic interests.
  • The reason expressing pronouns may be seen as a trend.
  • Nick’s values and lived experiences growing up in Texas.
  • How to interrogate yourself with kindness about your beliefs.
  • Why you can always support somebody’s pronouns.
  • The importance of having grace and patience for people on the journey of finding themselves.

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