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Ep #44

Turning the Tables with Page Pressley

We’re shaking things up a little this week Renegades, the tables have turned. I’m being interviewed on my own podcast! Earlier this year I caught up with Page Pressley. Page is a Chef, Media Producer, Bachelorette Contestant, and perhaps most interesting of all the titles, my ex-boyfriend. We sat down to catch up on all things parenting, dating, entrepreneurship, and what to do when people are talking about you behind your back.

It’s been interesting in this episode to reflect on my own life. As an entrepreneur, there are things I have not known how to do. It took me a while to learn how to be more productive and successful by doing my own thing and in the beginning stages, I had to work hard to get my systems and processes in place. But I felt called to do more, and so that’s what I did, and it’s amazing to think of how far I’ve come.

Join us this week where we’ll discuss why sometimes in life, there is an inherent recharge and healing that needs to happen to elevate you to where you need to be. I’ll share my journey to motherhood and becoming a life coach, and the importance of respecting everybody’s boundaries and emotions. It was great to catch up with Page, and I hope you enjoy this episode!

What You Will Discover:

  • How becoming a mother so young helped shape me as a person.
  • What I learned from running a retail store.
  • How I approach parenting my kids.
  • Why I’m uninterested in being an employee for somebody else.
  • How I closed my lingerie store and transitioned into life coaching.
  • How I’ve dealt with people gossiping about me.
  • Some wisdom I’ve learned throughout my life.

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