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Ep #52

Wake Up Before Another Breakup

This time one year ago, I was going through a breakup unlike any I’d been through before. What made this one so special? It was my first breakup with someone I had decided to consciously date. My first breakup in which I consciously processed the pain.

Breakups are never fun, but I will tell you they can be done in a way that is clean. The beauty in all heart wounds is that they open us up, if we’re willing to experience them, that is. And to experience them, there are 5 tools I use and want to share with you today.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing a throwback episode that keeps being relevant as time goes on. You may have heard it before, but today, you’ll hear it from a new viewpoint. I’m sharing how I taught myself to date consciously, break up consciously, and how you can start practicing the art of managing your mind and emotions right now.

What You Will Discover:

  • The outcome of most of my previous breakups.
  • What happens when you go into a relationship with mindfulness.
  • The one superpower I have not mastered but practice every single day.
  • How to place boundaries around your thinking.
  • My 5 tools to help you manage your mind and emotions.
  • How to neutralize thoughts and find new ones to think.

Resources Mentioned:

  • I’ve learned how to lose myself in the moment, not the man, and I want to invite you to do the same. If you’re ready to do this work, set up a free, no-commitment mini call with me to talk about how you can break this cycle and wake up before another breakup. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Enjoy the Show?


You know what I’ve been thinking about recently; last year’s break up. It’s been a year since the boy scout and I ended and when it happened, all I could think was, “I can’t believe I’m here - again.”

The beauty in all heart wounds is that they open us up - if we are willing to experience them that is- and the thing that was particularly special about this break up was not the person or the story or the amount of time together but instead how I experienced myself and him. He was the first person I chose to date consciously.

He was the first person I dated that I practiced using my new coaching tools and concepts with.
I had my terms of engagement -my priorities around my work and time were verbalized.

I had boundaries set in place on how and when I would communicate.

For example I had decided that I wouldn’t spend my days texting and carrying on an ongoing conversation with him. That when we were together, he would have my full attention but when we weren’t, I wanted to present and disciplined to focus on my work or my time with my kids.

I had decided I would never find myself at the end of a relationship thinking I can’t believe I wasted all my time on him when I should have been focused on my kids and work.

You see Renegades, I’ve had a history of finding myself ‘here again’ and had a newfound burning desire to figure out how to date and not completely lose myself and my mind while doing so.

And this was the first relationship that I got to not only date consciously but go through the breakup as well. Very consciously.

When we broke up, I got to practice processing pain, how to manage my thoughts and not argue with reality.

This relationship gave me the firsthand experience to put into practice what I had been preaching.

A week after we broke up, I recorded a podcast episode called I’m a Life Coach, Not a Saint.

I decided to go back and give it a listen as I prepared this episode for you. The plan was to revise, possibly improve and re write it based on what I’ve learned this year, but upon listening I thought, there isn’t anything I would change or add.

I provide you with 5 tools that you can use whenever you feel like you can’t control something that is going. Not just a breakup.

The advice I gave myself and the listeners at the time is solid. And so today I’m sharing it again. Even if you’ve heard it, listen again. I can guaranty you will find get something new out of it.

Renegades, breakups are never fun. I don’t have to tell you that. But I will tell you they can be done in a way that is clean. And if you go into the relationship mindful of who you are and what you want, you can navigate the relationship in a way that is clean.

Last year’s breakup became my Renegades’ guide to my current program “Wake Up Before Another Breakup.”

My dating life this last year has been a 180 from the way I used to approach it.

I trust myself now. The idea of losing myself is not possible. I don’t worry about finding the one. There’s no more stalking or texts fired off fueled by emotion but instead boundaries around my head and heart. It’s so fucking freeing Renegades. I’ve learned to lose myself in the moment, not the man. I want to invite you to do the same. If you are ready to learn how to do the same head on over to to get more information and then click on the work with me button. You’ll be able to set up a free mini session and find out exactly how to get out of the cycle.

But first, enjoy this throwback Thursday

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