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Welcome to House of Other: Sex Positive Parenting

House of Other is a sex positive parenting podcast for the parents and caregivers that want to take responsibility for educating their children on sexual wellness.

As a parent, have you ever felt like you just don’t understand what your kids are talking about when it comes to their sexuality? We are here to help! Each episode is designed to provide information in a way that is light and easy to understand while providing the self-coaching tools you may need to help you navigate your own emotional experience during this journey.

Join your hosts Ashley Kelsch and Lauren Kamp as they help you change the way you talk to your teens and young adult kids about their bodies, rights, and pleasure.

This podcast will help give you a modern update about human sexuality, gender sexual diversity, intimate justice, trauma healing, consent, and loving relationships. So we can better serve our children and this world through intentional positive sex parenting.

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