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Ep #11

Who Is Lauren? But First, A Parents Worse Nightmare

This week Lauren and I took a detour on making an official introduction as to how we met and why we are doing this podcast to discuss the most recent shooting at the Uvalde Elementary School. This following the racist fueled shootings in Buffalo it has left us wondering as not only citizens but for myself as a parent, what is going to have to happen for significant gun laws to be passed?

I have to believe that we as a society agree on more than we think, starting with our wellbeing and protection. The feelings of being held hostage by our government, the hypocrisy in thinking with gun laws and pro life choices vs teaching sexual education in schools and saying the word “gay”.

It’s in our nature to think ‘that won’t happen to me or my family’ not to mention, we as modern day parents are consumed with the day to day demands of trying to keep up. The reality is these ‘things’ are happening to our families and effecting us indirectly and directly.

Listen in as we talk about the impact guns are having on our communities, overall psyche and the feeling of helplessness and wonder if this most recent shooting will be the rock bottom and a catalyst for change or not?

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