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Ep #28

with Modern Renegade Kelly Krause

Renegades. Never a dull conversation with this one!

I got to catch up with one of my favorite friends, Kelly Krause to discuss her initial reaction to quarantine, working out, drinking, dating, fashion and how to keep our mental cool during a pandemic when no one really knows whats going on. Kellys dives into her mantra, ‘Living Kindly’ and how she’s applying it now more than ever. It’s a fun conversation with some great laughs and hopefully some inspiration for all of you listeners. 

Tune in and Turn on!

About Kelly Krause:

Kelly Krause is a Texas-based writer, content and brand curator, and community builder. She’s the former manager of programming for SXSW, and currently contributes to Forbes, Camille Styles, and the Texas Optimism Project. She’s given several talks on the power of staying connected, asking for what you want, and getting out of your own way. In 2017 she launched a monthly in-person speaker series called “In the Practice,” talking to creatives about mental, financial, and relationship wellness.

In 2020, she received her Level 1 Sommelier Certification, and is currently taking writing courses through Second City in Chicago in hopes she’ll someday make an appearance in the SNL writer’s room. You can usually find Kelly running around Lady Bird Lake, or enjoying her weekly morning breakfast at Josephine House.

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