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If You’re A Woman Who Feels Like…

You can’t figure out how to be single, keep us as a parent, not lose yourself over men or stress about money, you’re in the right place. I work with women who want to relearn how to think about dating, money, working, parenting – all the things – in a world that makes them question every decision they try and make.

I’ll teach you WHY you think this way and HOW to change it. I’ll show you real liberation from the judgment of self and others freeing you from the self doubt, judgment and people pleasing you’re used to experiencing.

Why Should You Work With Me?

Like so many of my clients, I’ve had my share of self-doubt, insecurity and fear. I’ve struggled with my role as a woman, mother, partner and professional. Even when my life looked like a success on the outside, behind the curtain it was a different story.

I tried every last approach to treating my unhappiness, from substance use and overspending to yoga and overtraining. Despite some initial relief, the end results were always the same: I was still stuck with my own thoughts and the recurring question, “Is this all there is?”

Through coaching training, I came to understand the role of my own thinking in creating my outcomes. How with every thought, I had an opportunity to think something else, something different, that could cause a different feeling, and ultimately, a different result. When I began applying these concepts, I shattered my own beliefs about myself and discovered a new way of thinking and living.

I spent 20 years as an entrepreneur in real estate and retail while raising two children as a single mother. In my professional life, personal connection has always been my driving force. Throughout my career, my focus has been on helping my clients step out of the safe zone into who they really are. As a coach, I’m driven to empower people to find the answers and solutions that are true to their beliefs and the outcomes they seek.

I hold coaching certifications through the Life Coach School and I’m pursuing a certification in healing energies while studying meditation and mindfulness. In blending these disciplines, I’ve developed a system of coaching centered on cognitive awareness, inner wisdom and spiritual practice.


I am an artist and mother of a preschool aged child. I was going through a divorce and trying to transition my career to focus solely on my art business when I reached out to Ashley. I was afraid that I had too much chaos going on in my life to start working with her, but she assured me that we are always dealing with change and chaos in life and that is the right time to start coaching. She was right. I have been able to learn and apply emotional management skills to my life during a time where I felt that was impossible. I had been trying to do that on my own for so long, having her come in and coach me on this was so amazingly invaluable. We focused specifically on business and relationship coaching, but her philosophy penetrates all areas I wanted to work on. I was familiar with some of the frameworks that she draws inspiration from before meeting her, but she brought me into a deep dive of further understanding as well as teaching me how to actually apply that knowledge. She has a way of deducing down huge concepts to a graspable awareness while pointing out your own blind spots.


Gosh where do I begin… I knew who Ashley was through mutual friends and obviously her old shop Teddies For Bettys on 2nd. I was following her on instagram and had been for a few months after I separated from my husband. I had developed feelings after that for someone who was not good for me and what I was going through but I hung on to not feel full loneliness or my feelings. I was sad, irrational, didn’t trust, angry, and discouraged with life. She started posting about relationship coaching and I finally decided I need help if I am to find true love(s) again. I wanted to be calm, patient, trusting, and unguarded in my upcoming dating life. So I hired her for the 8 week relationship coaching program and off we went. It took time, patience, lots of tears, lots of confusion, healing, strength, and sheer dedication to grow out of my old ways. We completed the 8 week, but I wasn’t done and hired her for another 10 week block. She helped me through the hardest year of my life to date. Divorcing a relentless man during a pandemic. it was brutal. There are more layers of the divorce that I needed to forgive myself for, relate to others on, grow and learn from, and so on. Ashley helped me do all of these and much much more. I can now manage my thoughts and get through tough times much easier, without letting circumstances take me to the ground. She also has incorporated business coaching into my sessions, which I still see her weekly by the way. She has helped me take my self confidence and my career to a level I never thought was possible. I did not think I could feel as good, happy, and solid as I do now. I didn’t believe what she told me, but over time my brain adapted and believed what we dug deep for and I am forever changed and forever grateful to this woman. I know my future is going to be amazing and what I was searching for when I left my husband and when I hired Ashely. She is the real deal. No bull shit. No excuses. Life changer. Thank you Ashely.


Ashley’s ability to cut through the noise and get to the root issue is amazing. She has a unique ability to see things a bit differently, in the best possible way. As someone who believes in self-work, I also see a therapist once a month. My therapist was very impressed by our work and commented about the depth Ashley got to in a short time. If you’re looking for someone real, raw, with no BS and who cares beyond words, Ashley is your coach!


Without judgment, Ashley was able to point out the ways in which I was holding myself back and directed me to change my mindset in a productive way. She had a genuine enthusiasm for my goals long before I felt comfortable sharing them with anyone else. That enthusiasm and support propelled me forward.


Ashley truly gets how intense the human experience is. Filled with love, connection, compassion, laughter and hard-learned facts, she was ready to help me look at several experiences without judgment, see what I had learned, how I had grown, and remind me what I know in my heart.



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