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What I thought would be a Universal Nightmare

I can honestly say, I was not counting the days until the kids and I went to Universal Studios in Orlando. Long lines, masses of people, motion sickness and processed foods equal my very own personal nightmare. Not to mention, I’m in a very critical stage at Teddies for Bettys right now and am having a very difficult time not being preoccupied with all its demands. But when your daughter says all she really, really wants, more than camp, is to go to Harry Potter World, you set your own shit aside aside and start planning. Quickly, so you don’t have to spend any more time thinking about those long lines you’ll be waiting in and the constant state of wanting to vomit.

Fast forward to our trip.

I cannot begin to explain how, not only was this trip not a Universal Nightmare, it may have been on of our best trips to date. The minute we were in Orlando, there was this feeling something lifted… was it the weight off my shoulders? No. Definitely not, as I was lugging my backpack with laptop and paperwork around. The 3 of us had mentally checked in to vacation mode. Nick started talking about how excited he was to be there and couldn’t wait to hit the rides. Both Faith and I were like, ‘really?!’ The smile that broke on her face was all I needed to shut off my preoccupied mind and fully immerse. 

Aside from the constant bickering from Nick trying to convince Faith to go on a roller coaster,  we were a team. (obviously there was some frustration over it, but really, as a parent, if it’s not one thing it’s another. I know you feel me.) Faith would patiently wait while Nick and I would go on a roller coaster, I’d distract myself from fear and wanting to throw up via his excitement and laughter and he would get off the ride totally thrilled and cast a spell on Faith with their specific wizarding-wands that she researched prior to our trip.

I managed to get in a few runs while the kids slept or chilled, allowing for some ‘me time’. They had zero arguments about taking a few hours of a downtime mid-day. Ironically, they got me way into the Kardashian’s. And the dreaded long lines? They may have been the best part of the trip! (I feel I need to divulge that we had fast passes and our wait wasn’t the extreme.) We would pass time in the lines talking, laughing and Snapchatting with one another! They gave me a full on tutorial on ‘how – to’ and found it hilarious that I couldn’t stop snapchatting everything. And continue to!

Once removed from our daily routine, we were able to let go of expectations, especially negative ones, and throw ourselves into the moment with one another.

The food? I did not enjoy the food. At all.