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If you know you’ve experienced pain before and you also know you’ve experienced moving through it, into happiness again, why not choose to be content with it? 

In this moment. 

Look back at a past moment that hurt… how long did you choose to remain in the story? The details that kept you reliving the negative emotions and spinning out.

How far removed are you from those feelings now? 

What if someone told you it’s a choice to keep reliving the conversations and the questions.That depending on what you choose to tell yourself or think, you move from pain to suffering.

Pain is inevitable; Suffering is Optional. 

You choose your thoughts and those thoughts create your feelings.

Can you choose to look at circumstances in your life differently?

I came across an old journal entry of mine:

I have found myself asking; when did the sadness begin? One memory comes up only to be predated by another. image after image, like they were taken yesterday, that date back to being a small girl seeing her reflection for the first time in the mirror.

You’ve always been sad.

That question, those thoughts, feed my story

‘You’ve always been sad.’

What if instead I asked, ‘when were you happiest?’

Indulged myself to all the good moments- would they be equal to, possibly outweigh the sad?
What if it’s as simples as i see the sadness, make room to allow my body to experience it. let it wash over me. Out of me. 

Am I ready? 

Is this how I want to choose to see myself? 

Careful not to spin out here…

How do I want to feel?

What would I need to think to create that feeling?

I can respond with how I want to feel? Create the thoughts based on that. I can remove, prevent the suffering. What if I choose to see the good and let go of the bad… and accept there will be more of both.

my experiences have shown me this- they have shown me I swing the pendulum from one extreme to the other.

This is the human experience. 

This is life. 

My emotions do not have to swing with it.

How i choose to view my circumstances is my responsibility.

I accept the moments of pain and I choose not to suffer.

How long I sit in the suck is up to me. 

Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional.

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