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Signature Coaching Programs

Wake Up Before Another Breakup

An 8-Week Coaching Program to Discover a New Approach to Relationships, Dating and Sex

In this eight-week coaching program, we begin by breaking the cycle of self-sabotage, second-guessing and pattern repetition in relationships so you can stop looking for “the one,” start trusting yourself again, and manifest new ways of loving – beginning with yourself.

Are you ready to trust yourself again?

  • If you’re tired of wondering why you can’t find “the one”…
  • If you’re ready to be in a relationship but not lose focus on yourself and your personal development…
  • If you’re ready to own your sexual energy and share it in a way that truly feels good…
  • If you’re ready to tap into your feminine energy and own the woman you are…
  • If you’re ready to start trusting yourself again…

This program is for you.

The River
of Suck

Identify who you’ve been in relationships and who you want to be.
This is the beginning of awareness and the process of cleaning up your thinking and what you believe about your relationships.

Terms of

Examine expectations, define priorities and set boundaries.
You’ll learn to recognize self-sabotage and negative self-thinking while setting boundaries for yourself from a place of love, trust and compassion.

your beliefs

This is the beginning of reinvention and renewal.
You’ll learn to reframe what you’ve been taught about yourself, your past and your relationships.

When you start establishing new beliefs, you expand your thinking and begin manifesting a new way of being.


Learn to access your “future thinking.”
When you no longer look to your past, you can begin to imagine a self you’ve never been before, while you actively work toward becoming that person. You get to be limitless.


Learn about desire, the brain’s reward system, and how to manage your feelings.
You’ll begin to recognize the habits you use to distract yourself from feeling uncomfortable and the ways you choose to abandon yourself. Discover how to step into gaining control and trusting your own judgment.

Set Point

Date and operate from a place of awareness.
You’ll no longer be hungry for fulfillment, and you’ll never again feel the need to settle for less. You won’t put yourself second any longer. You’ll choose you because you are enough. And you’ll naturally begin manifesting a new reality.

Following completion of the Wake Up Before Another Breakup program, you can choose to continue with in-depth coaching in your specific areas of interest. Program topics explore keys to our brain and behavior, the reasons behind why we do or don’t do the things we want, and how to create new neural pathways for sustained change.

Personal Renewal & Reinvention

A 4-Month Coaching Program to Understand and Implement Unconditional Self-Love

Now that you’ve discovered how romantic partners and physical intimacy are only one piece of the puzzle, you’re ready to learn about who you are and what you want from this life.

This four-month coaching program is the road map to finding your purpose, created to teach you how to solve problems, fail, overcome anxiety and self-doubt, get your confidence back and show yourself what you’re made of. It’s designed to give you clean and clear direction by orienting your thoughts, feelings and actions toward your optimal outcomes. You will learn the art of self-coaching and you’ll literally never think the same again. You will discover how to live the life you want just by changing your thinking.

Your Life Map

Your destination gives you direction and a reason to look at everything between where you are and where you want to go. When you become aware of your own thinking, you become able to navigate your way back home to your essential self – to the person you’ve always wanted to be. From here, we decide where we want to go.

Fire and Light

Before you set out, it helps to look for the obstacles in your way and develop strategies and practices to address them as they come so you can see your way through to the end. You will learn about constraint, passive action versus massive action, the importance of commitment and how to get things done.

The Four Winds

When we feel lost, we doubt what little light we have and if we’re heading in the right direction. This is the work. All of our mental drama shows up and we have to overcome ourselves. We have to discover new beliefs and how to allow and create feelings. This is where we find out what we’re made of. It takes courage to feel uncomfortable, achieve our goals and make lasting change. This is how we evolve as humans.

Home Bound

You’ve learned the art of self-coaching. Together we will integrate all of your new tools into your daily life with healthy thought and emotion management. You’ve become your own guide.

Filling the Well

A 3-Month Coaching Program to Discover Why You Drink,
Planning for Moderation, and Drinking Alternatives

This program is not for those who identify as alcoholics or struggle with substance abuse.


Are You Ready?

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