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Constructive Criticism

Let’s start with the one about me personally.

The one that went straight for my jugular.

“i’ve heard from a few sources about that shoe and it’s not a good fit.” 

Overcoming ‘No’

i want to say that being told no when you’re a child vs being an adult is vastly different. that your livelihood didn’t depend on it when you were 7. that your life wasn’t contingent on that popsicle. 

but you didn’t know that when you were 7. you truly believed that your life depended on getting a yes. 

Hurry Up and Slow Down

The underlying current is hurry up and finish; be it at work, finishing a run, or hell, trying to have an orgasm. I’m trying to force the best results in the least amount of time and shushing the voice of reason saying…